A client once told me that I provide the perfect mix of support while challenging her to be better. She called it “Homegirl counseling”. Those words stuck with me. This is the way I serve my clients, this is how I want you to feel. This is my purpose.

I help women, couples, and families overcome barriers that prevent growth so that they can move toward a healthier and happier life. In my therapeutic coaching style, we will discuss these barriers to growth. You will learn methods to identify these barriers and build tools to improve healthy coping skills that will improve your quality of life.


Self-navigation, self-work, individual counseling

This service is for women who say “I need to work on me” “I don’t know why I feel this way” “I’m still struggling with this…” “I am ready to move forward but don’t know how”

Who’s this for: Women 18 years of age and up in any stage of their life. 


Couple’s bond building/Couples Counseling

This service is for couples who are struggling to communicate, move forward from past hurt, or reach new levels in their relationship. With two people willing to put in the work and make the effort amazing things can happen!

Who’s this for: Couples in any stage of a relationship.


Family bond-building

All families have issues. There are different personalities, points of view, and experiences to consider. It can be tough to manage everyone’s wants and needs. This service provides a safe space for transparent communication, healthy connection building, tools to support ongoing growth in the family.

Who’s this for: All family types are welcome!


You are investing in a better quality of life for yourself and your loved ones: now and for years to come. This is an investment that will provide an abundance of physical, emotional and mental benefits in every area of your life. Congratulations on taking a step forward!

Individual sessions


Couples’ sessions


Family sessions


Additional Services

Need a guest speaker for your event? Want to provide training or workshop for a group of people? I offer these services as well! If you are interested in these services or any related please complete a contact form with information about your event and your request.