This is Me

I’m Tera Brownlee,

and the best way I could describe myself would be “a woman in transition”. I feel like I am constantly learning and redefining myself.  I have always had a heart for encouraging and supporting others, since childhood. While pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at UT-Knoxville, I took an intro to psychology class. During that semester I signed up for extra-credit. My assignment was to be the mock client of a grad student that needed to record a session. This experience amazed me. I remember saying to the grad student “So you will get to do this for your job?” I couldn’t believe that providing emotional support for someone could be a career!?!? I had heard the words: Therapist, counselor, counseling, etc. but really hadn’t been officially introduced.

I took this as a sign from God that this was my purpose. I had prayed for direction and knew I was meant to help people but didn’t know what that would look like. I have worked in several areas of mental health (acute hospitals, non-profits, EAP programs, etc.) It has been an amazing career journey and I have learned so much, especially about myself. I knew I wanted to start Life Renew Counseling because I wanted the freedom to serve my clients in a very specific way. I wanted to offer my unique approach with very little limitations or additional requirements. I wanted to be able to focus on the issues I am most passionate about. Issues I am passionate about because I have either experienced them personally, had loved ones experience them or walked alongside a client going through them.

Counseling with a Twist

I provide a therapeutic coaching style of service. I like to call it counseling with a twist! I utilize evidence-based interventions and wrap them in a warm therapeutic coaching approach. You will feel emotionally validated and challenged in authentic love.

Life Renew Counseling, PLLC was officially born/established in February of 2020. It’s a space for women of color, their mates, and families to come recharge, rebuild, learn and thrive.

Fun Facts!

I love watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Martin. 

Chocolate is my vice…I LOVE Milk Chocolate!

I wanted to be an actress when I was a child and still do! It’s on my bucket list to be in a commercial, TV show, and movie.